Surgical Oncology

About Surgical Oncology at 老金沙9170登录

老金沙9170登录’s Surgical Oncology Service specializes in the surgical treatment of malignant tumors and growths. Our surgical oncologist, Dr. Jonathan Ferrari, is the only veterinary surgical oncologist in New York City and is one of only a handful of veterinary surgical oncologists worldwide. With Dr. Ferrari on staff, 老金沙9170登录 can offer dogs, 猫, other small animal pets comprehensive cancer care. The Surgical Oncology Service works collaboratively with the Surgery, Oncology, Radiation Oncology Services at 老金沙9170登录 to coordinate cancer treatment between surgical procedures, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy.

As a single treatment, surgery cures more animals with cancer than any other treatment, offering new hope for pets with cancer.